Servants of the People Society, Delhi Branch

Lajpat Bhawan, Lajpat Nagar

New Delhi - 110024

Ph. Off. 011-26427650

Under the Presidentship of late Shri Sevakram, Life Member and Secretary of the Society, “Lajpat Lok Seva Samiti (Regd.) was established in 1960 at Lajpat Bhawan, New Delhi. The aim of the Samiti was primarily to serve the people through social, educational, cultural, economic and political programmes, which functioned from 1960 to 1974.

In December, 1972 a High-powered Sub-Committee was appointed by the Servants of the People Society to study the working of the Samiti and to submit its report to the Executive Council. The Executive Council recommended to the General Body of the Society at its meeting held on 8-9 December 1973 to convert it into Delhi Branch of the Society. As a result, in December 1974 Lajpat Lok Seva Samiti was wound up and in its place Delhi Branch was established with Late Sevakram as its Chairman.

The significant activities of Delhi Branch are as under:

Purushottamdas Tandon Library

From  a small library with only 3360 books in 1960, it has now developed into a premier library in South Delhi. The Library operates on open-shelf system and has at present books on all disciplines of knowledge, namely ethics, philosophy, religion, social sciences, humanities, literature and modern languages, mathematics, medical sciences, nature cure and naturopathy, arts, technology, fiction, history, auto-biographies both in English and Hindi, reference books, Dictionaries etc. Besides, it has a Sanskrit and Children Section. Free reading room continues to provide a wide range of daily newspapers, periodicals & magazines both in English & Hindi & also in some regional languages like (Urdu, Malayalam etc.)

Sevakram Naturopathy Centre

The Centre was started in 1983 for propagating Nature Cure as a way of Life through provision for naturopathic treatment, natural health foods, nature cure products and equipment, literature and yoga training.

The unit has a team of qualified male and female naturopaths who work in the clinic with indoor and outdoor facilities.The Centre has its own naturopathy health book shop. It has published 22 books on various aspects of naturopathy both in Hindi and English separately. The Centre has been imparting training to Diploma Holders in Naturopathy and the Dewan Foundation set up by late Shri A.P. Dewan, former Chairman of this Centre is providing funds for payment of merit-cum-scholarships to deserving students.

Sevakram Grameen Sewa Kendra, Mandi, New Delhi.

During the life time of Sevakram, as Chairman of Delhi Branch, he conceived an idea to start a Centre of Delhi Branch in a village in Delhi, to work for the rural development in the field of health and education - particularly vocational education, employment generation and promotion of educational and ethical education in the schools.

Charitable Medical Clinic

Prior to 1960 the area around Lajpat Bhawan was inhabited mainly by jhuggi-jhaumpris and slum dwellers. The medical facility in the area was almost negligible and the inhabitants in general, could not afford cost of treatment from private clinics. Under this situation Maj. General (Retd) B.N. Bhandari, an eminent physician, after retirement from the army decided to dedicate himself to serve the sick and the poor patients of the area and started a Charitable Medical Clinic in Lajpat Bhawan, New Delhi.

The Clinic provides free consultation and medicines to all the deserving patients. However, very nominal fee is charged for all the services like consultation, medicines and medical tests. Clinic has the facilities of OPD, Lab, X-ray Deptt., physiotherapy, ultrasound, dental, ECG etc. The Clinic from a very humble start has developed into a full-fledged poly Clinic with all the facilities as tabulated above.

Rikhidevi Ram Das Suri Narishala - Masala Centre

Masala Centre is one of the important units of Delhi Branch also known as Ramdas Suri Narishala. It has completed several years of glorious service in fulfilling its twin objects of (1) providing employment to needy women (2) supply of pure hand grounded masalas to the customers.


a} Senior Citizen Home: 

Godhuli Senior Citizen Home at Plot-7, Sector II Dwarka, New Delhi started in 2002 has become a favourite for T.V. channels who frequently telecast life there. It is a well managed home with all possible facilities such as a library, a satsang hall, a modern and well equipped kitchen, a dining hall, gym, a physiotherapy clinic, a medical clinic, an infirmary, and a good walkway.


b) Balwadis

With the passage of time the concept of Balwadi has changed dramatically. There is now much more to it than keeping children for a few hours and doling out snacks to them. Today theBalwadis, we run, aim at getting those 5 plus on their rolls into big schools and the mainstream of education. Continuous attention is paid to their education albeit by the play way method. They are given a little homework everyday which is carefully checked. Apart from acquaintance with alphabets and numbers both in English & Hindi, they can by & large recite a number of English & Hindi poems fluently as well as Vedic mantras invoking peace and blessings to all.

Balwadis are spread over 18 different locations in Delhi. Madanpur Khadar, Ali Goan, Dakshinpuri Harijan Camp, Sangam Vihar, Hamdard, Anna Nagar, Begumpur, Sultanpur, Devli, Durga Vihar, Tara Sangam, Mahavir Enclave, Dwarka, Chirag Delhi, Trilokpuri Noorani Masjid, Kalyanpuri and Sriniwaspuri and are monitored by committed volunteers.

Tailoring Training Centres

There are five Tailoring Training Centres at Begumpur, Devli, Trilokpuri, Dwarka and Lajpat Bhawan. The qualified diploma students are examined twice a year and during these years more than 100 students got first division and were awarded sewing machines and prizes.

Vocational Training

The Begumpur Balwadi which is housed in a community development centre takes on additional welfare work. A Tuition Centre provides supplementary education especially Maths and English to the children in the age group of 6 to 18 years. Women in the community are trained in crochet and knitting and those who have mastered these skills receive orders for items such as bags, bottle holders and other items enabling them to make a living. A computer centre with 12 computers was added to the Basti Vikas in January 2009. This provided easy access to young adults who strive to become computer literate to enter the job market.

Alternative Medical System Centre

This is a therapy oriented centre where treatment is given by Magnetic Resonance Therapy. Every patient is given treatment for about 15-25 minutes approximately, special treatment is provided to all muscles to skeletal problems like cervical, spondylitis, backache, slipped discs, sciatica, knee pains, etc. Besides this, digestive and urinary problems are also taken care of. Another especialty is high and low blood pressure treatment without drugs. In addition, free consultation was also provided to poor and needy patients.

The Premji Maharaj Charitable Homeopathic/T.B. Dispensary

The Dispensary was started at Lajpat Bhawan on 29 July 1995. It has successfully completed about sixteen years and its popularity is increasing day by day from a humble start to 25-30 patients per day and the poor and needy patients are given treatment free of cost.

Shri Premji Maharaj DOTs Centre was started on 29 July 2004. It is under the aegis of Dehi Tapedic Niyantran Samiti for the control of TB. The centre caters to TB patients from nearby areas. On an average 40-50 patients are given treatment per month. In June, 2008 nutrition programme for TB. patients was started, giving them protein, iron, dalia, soya nuggets, chana. That enhance the cure rate and helps the patients to get cured within 6-8 months. As a special case and to ensure that the patient required medicines is delivered to the patients in that case the staff goes to their residence to deliver the medicines to the patients.

Relief and Rehabilitation Wing

Delhi winter is an agony of shivering for locals with meager income who can’t afford to buy blankets or any form of covering. Urged by their need, the centre started distributing blankets and quilts every November, about 11 years ago, and have been able to give to the lepers, blind men & women, orphans, impoverished widows & rickshaw pullers some covering every winter. A large number of blankets collected from generous donors were given to the street children of Slam Balak Trust, Naaz Foundation, Prem Dham & Dr.Bakti Foundation in Badarpur.


The Servants of the People Society was allotted land measuring 5.5 acres by the Ministry of Rehabilitation, Government of India, in 1953 on a perpetual lease for the construction of Lajpat Bhawan. The construction of the Bhawan was started in 1956 whereas the school was started with a Nursery Class in 1961. The school gradually grew into Senior Secondary School. The school is divided into two independent branches i.e. Primary School and Senior Secondary School. While the Primary School is yet unaided whereas the Senior Secondary School is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education and necessary grant-in-aid is given by the Directorate of Education, New Delhi.



Balvantray Mehta Vidya Bhawan, Lajpat Bhawan, New Delhi and the Servants of the People Society built a new building of the school at Masjid Moth, New Delhi in 1987 on a three acre plot. The special sections for the deaf and dumb and mentally challenged children, which were earlier running in Lajpat Bhawan school, were soon shifted to Masjid Moth school. Subsequently, Shri Uggar Sain an eminent industrialist and philanthropist himself and as Chairman of Shri Bhagwan Charitable Trust Society and Anguridevi Shersingh Girls College society, donated a sum of Rs.2.3 crores for starting a Senior Secondary School.

This school has been recognized as a Senior Secondary school by the Directorate of Education and affiliated to the CBSE. The school at present has a strength of three thousand students out of which two thousand six hundred are normal students and four hundred are special children (mentally challenged and hearing impaired). All the children are being educated together. This school has been one of the pioneering institutions inclusive of educational facilities and vocational training to special children. This school has the rare honour of graded a model school by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, in the field of integrated/inclusive education.


The spirit of service should become part of our characeras a necessary ingredient in our discipline. Cultivate the habit of service for its own sake, free from all motive and all thought of reward. Service of prisoners, unmindful of the ‘waste of time’ that this entails, feeding, protecting and loving the children of the poor even though they be shabby or filthy, helping woman-kind irrespective of faith, community, colour or nationality and, in general, to serve others, sacrificing one’s own interest - that should be our insignia. 

Lala Lajpat Rai



There comes a time when you must stand alone you must feel confident and strong enough within.

Lala Lajpat Rai



You are strong, you are confident and you are capable just do it ! For your selves, for your parents, for your teachers, for your society and for your country, just do it !

Lala Lajpat Rai

Appreciate yourself by allowing yourself the opportunities to grow, develop and find you true sense of purpose in this life.

Lala Lajpat Rai